Markets Morning 12112018

on November 12, 2018

Morning folks – Welcome to McKenna’s Market Mornings.

In a rush? Here’s the key takeaway

Another Monday with fresh weekend news to drive markets as Brexit looks to be going sideways and OPEC exercises its jawbone in order to stem oils recent 20% fall from the highs.

That fall, along with worries about tech stocks and their earnings hurt the big global stock indexes Friday which in turned avoid an ugly end of week break in US 10 year rates. The US dollar continues to push on is at the cusp of a break to the next level. It’s not their yet though. And neither is Brexit, the last 5% is proving to be the longest mile.

Gold, silver, copper and sentiment all suffered along with oil.

Much to discuss – 12 charts today as well.

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adminMarkets Morning 12112018