Greg McKenna. 30+ Years in Markets, Tells You What You Need To Know

Details about Greg

Greg has been in Markets since 1988 and covered a wide range of roles on both the buy and sell side of the market.

Some prominent roles include:

  • Interest rate trader at Westpac
  • Fund Manager with interest rate, bond, and currency portfolios in the billions of AUM at NSW State Super
  • Westpac’s first Currency Strategist
  • NAB’s head of Currency Strategy Globally
  • Regional Bank Treasurer and Small Bank Director

He now runs his own macro research, trading, and economics consultancy – McKenna Macro

Let Greg McKenna and his more than 3 decades in Markets, Trading, Finance, Banking, and Economics be your guide through the complex web of global markets.

Analysis Framework

Greg covers the world of Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Stocks Indexes, Interest Rates, and Economics. His unique cross asset and behavioural driven approach combines with an in-depth analysis framework to consistently deliver actionable trade and hedging ideas in real time – BEFORE they are apparent to most traders.

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